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Something New in Laundry

Washist2Today I would be reviewing a Laundry Business that I stumbled on late last year called From my new layout you can tell I am expanding the things I want to write about to the many things that catch my attention per moment- business and entrepreneurship is one of them and I love the plethora of businesses coming out on Nigeria today solving basic problems in simple ways- sometimes innovating but many times simply creating value by offering goods and services to the market in new ways; Washist has been able to offer the simple service of laundry in a way that all I need do is click…click…click.

So this random day at the office a colleague introduced this Laundry Service he had been using and according to him they just met his need 100%, a couple of weeks later another colleague who had used their service had only good things to say and so I decided to try this Washist laundry service. I needed to try them after another couple of weeks of piling my clothes agaaaaaain, I needed hep!!!! I typed into my screen; simple layout for a laundry business and easy to navigate (one point earned). They offer 2 Subscription options:

  • Washist Lite N7,500 (it was N5,000 at the time I tried it Dec 2015) this gives you a maximum of 40 items and pick up is just once
  • Washist Basic N15,000 (it was N10,000 in Dec 2015) this gives you an unlimited (60 in Dec) number of items per pick up and pick up is 3 times a month

Washist4Sounds too good to be true abi? N15,000 for unlimited items and pick up 3 times a month! I thought so too so before you go bringing out your curtains, blankets as an item each please note that they have a standard bag that is given to every new customer- your unlimited items must fit into the bag!!!!! Not so unlimited I guess but totally ingenious- they are here to create value and make profit anyway.


I tried the Washist Lite I had the options to choose my pick up date, location, how heavy I needed my clothing starched and whether I preferred my clothes hanged or folded!!!! (I was really loving them already).

Payment was swift too although I was worried that it did not seem like they were integrating with any secure platform- I almost did not want to put in my card details but then I took the gamble (I really think the comfort of security should be given here) I immediately got an order confirmation and a call- good customer service (another plus). With all my demo I only had 39 items to give them trust that I combed my house for that one extra item all to no avail- The guy who came to pick up was very courteous albeit my readiness for a war when I sighted the laundry bag- I couldn’t believe my 39 pieces entered into that bag I tell ya but it did!!!The young man equally told me the same bag would take 60 pieces of clothing which was the limit for the Washist Basic option initially… hmmm I did not try that part of the magic sha.

Delivery however was not as smooth as I had anticipated- My clothes were delayed by a couple of days and no one called to tell me why- When I called I was told they had issues with power- to be honest I understand the issues start-up businesses go through so I cut them some slack- when my clothes finally came in I absolutely loved the service and the packaging!!!!!  Oh they sent an apology card and a Christmas card (in this Nigeria)… Thumbs up Washist…

That almost made me forget the few hitches until I realized they delivered 38 not 39 Items- we had a bit of back and forth before my skirt finally came back home however they handled the situation quite well.

Why have I not used them again though??? Simple their two bouquet options do not fit my lifestyle- I do not want to pay N7,500 for 40 pieces and just one pick up- That is plenty piling of clothes (2015 behaviour not 2016 abeg) and N15,000 for unlimited whilst it seems like a fair deal would still not fit my life style- families with children and couples should jump at this option but it cuts out a certain market segment washist… think about it.

I would have expected that when they moved prices from N5,000 to N7,500 they would offer more pick up options to the washist lite bouquet and probably add a few items so that they do not lose out on the market for individuals like me- I hope they improve on that but over all I think they are a 7/10 business!

I love what they are doing and I hope to see more creative services in laundry…

like disposable clothing…

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