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Faffing ’15

I walked into 2015 the same way I walk into my door every evening- No drama- Just happy to be home!


I remember gisting into the year… no church, no concert, I did not even have the courtesy of throwing “banga”! Quite drearily one year simply rolled into another- I was grateful though- grateful to be where I was and grateful to have played long enough with Lily that we took a photo! It would be a good year I remember thinking! If Lily & I could take a photo, it would be a good year!!!

I unapologetically chose to have ZERO goals20150101_131159– I had done those in past years and I felt I had been running all my life, running to achieve, to tick the boxes, running to show an amazing report card to the world at the end of the year but this year I said NO; it was time to STOP and just breathe. It was time to quietly love everything I already had going.Imagine my sarcastic laughter when one of my Padi’s spoke to me about writing down goals and even getting a mentor!!! I remember thinking dude “this year I plan to seriously faff” and Mentor??? I didn’t really believe in those things- I was certain that if I were to choose one, no one could possibly fit what I silently hoped for!

Jan 7, I had my first conversation with my Mentor- I call him PS- he is a Director of HR Services with PWC UK, an author, an amazing family man and a man who’s love for God I do not have the words to describe- How this connection came about is a long story for another day but in my first 7 days and through this encounter I learnt

Lesson 1               God speaks… if only I will hear      God leads… I just have to follow

By January 12, I had seriously faffed a 5 year plan and a few goals for 2015!



20150214_162735Of all my goals- Goal 6 stood out, it was that one goal I wrote down for the purpose of writing I really was not sure that I was ready to work at it- The goal was to bridge the gap between my Wura and I; but I was certain too much had gone wrong for anything to go right. Moreover, I was not ready to trade my tired ego for anything. So I decided to maintain status quo. Thankfully that lasted only a few days.

In February, I made a move- just one move that began our healing process- This woman my own Wura became one of the highs of my year and all the move I had to make was LOVE- the rainbow that tumbled out of that coloured my 2015!

Lesson 2               Love begets Love… Love begets freedom


… And Love for self could be a good place to start!

Screenshot_2015-12-16-12-18-52MSc excitement!!!! To be honest I was thrilled to have finished and to have finished well. I was glad all the 5:00am trips to work just to study and the draining evenings of paper writing were over, I was grateful to have my Saturdays to myself! To watch TV without feeling guilty and to indulge in those long, cozy Sunday afternoon naps- After I received the piece of paper that summarised a huge part of the last 2 years into a few lines, I remember thinking  “this is it???” So this year I chose to Love myself for me not for the sake of scrolls of paper or official stamps- but simply because I am worth it jare.


Lesson 3               Breathe… Aye yii o le


After splurging in March, I had to shine my eyes in April … with one eye on the election events, another on the stock market and a few market punches on my face, I decided to play with money again. With investors fleeing closer to the elections and the stock market slowly crashing, I made a last minute buy one day before the elections and 15 days into April I sold when the Market was still all time high basking in the euphoria of the possibilities of change. It was the first time I made money in the stock market- it was the first time I paid attention to patterns, the first time I consulted wider but the first time I was ready to lose to gain. Which brings me to

Lesson 4               There is a relationship between risk and value- I am still in that school!


MAY I survive JUNE

Something hit me in May and June…. An illness that just would not go away. It tested my faith so much I made all the “Lord if I get better” promises you could think off. But in the heat of it, in that weakness I captured a memory that I cherish. My mother was in my house to take care of me, I had disobediently gone out after 2 full days of boredom and came back home with a head about to explode with migraine. I went straight into bed and tears slowly rolled down my face that was the only way I could express that pain then she came with food, and quietly watched me eat slowly with worry on her face (nothing like a mother’s love)- the tears were still flowing but it was mixed with tears of Joy- See Wura in my room!!! Amazing God!!!

Lesson 5               No lessons just Awesomeness



PicsArt_11-03-06.20.40Then July came with my Canon baby- I just had to take her for a spin- After my trip I think I had over 1,000 photos! I started to think this photo thing could be my side hustle- I am yet to come up with a brand name and I still have a lot of learning to do but I have enjoyed every moment spent freezing time in one click! Between- I got my first official gig this December!!!!

Lesson 6               Life becomes richer the more we apply ourselves… the more we extend ourselves… the more we give of ourselves


There is a way August makes me feel like the year is winding down- This August was no different it dawned on my that the year would soon waka pass and even though I had set out to just breathe this year I think I attempted to hustle to tick some things off my 2015 list- Between a few of my very amazing friends and I we must have bounced about 40 business ideas off each other. The first 10 minutes of my Mornings were spent eagerly talking about amazing innovations that were coming out of Nigeria and my weekends were often spent drawing up plans, plans and plans!!! I think I loved those days- the raw energy and passion- Between if you are a game lover, you must go to– that is the brainchild of my Padi of Life- I saw this thing come up as an idea and today it is LIVE!!! Oh and follow @curt&taylor on IS; they make absolutely stunning Suit cuts & Dansikis- and finally go to Tweakie’s for everything content development- the guys were not smiling in 2015!!!!

Lesson 7               The ginger in your crowd will spice u up or dwindle your hustle


PicsArt_11-03-05.30.25September, October, November, December- 4 months that feel like one- I had some high moments and some very low moments- Did I tell you that I finally started hosting a small group at my house???? That was February and every meeting was a high of its own- I figured I love hosting, and cooking and sharing and listening- and I got the opportunity to do that a couple of times this year thanks to Souls Connect!!!! Next year would be way better by his grace!!! I had those few low and VERY depressing moments too- I cannot think of why I dipped at those times but I know that this year, with every blow, I had a strong conviction that I would get up. Friendships were top on my list this year too and I believe I made some quality additions to the circle and deepened my roots in a few soils too, I attempted to join a fit family but I could not wake up every Saturday just to jog!!!, I read more books than I watched TV and this year Esther A Woman of Strength and Dignity wins the book of the year Award! My blog views this year doubled that of last year even though I was not as consistent as I hoped to be- Thank you to everyone that visited, commented and encouraged me to write!

Someway, this faffing year was a year of big wins in many small things- I grew within and I bubbled with true joy like never before, it was one year I enjoyed being myself, one year that I literally felt God holding me up, one year I learnt to release myself (countless times!!!!!!!!!), one year in which I looked back many times like Lot’s wife but thankfully never got frozen but rather lovingly re-directed to see the future again, it was a year of long walks and music, of food indulgence and people indulgence, of many learnings and unlearnings!

I often described it as a preparatory year

A year of breaking and re-building

A year of unassuming strength

This was my 2015 🙂

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  1. Ab

    Wow! Am I teary eyed right now? Thankfully, it’s my AC dripping water. Great write-up Ogooluwa’



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