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The Battle of a Little Extra in Ordinary

He grew up as another ordinary. Nothing in his early years stood him out.

He was like every other boy- he loved the feel of a pad between his fingers as he swayed with the animated characters on the screen, he loved screaming over the voices of the other boys as they discussed how they crushed the opposing team in their last match, he loved making bets with the other ordinaries and buying a new pair of sneakers with his win; more than these, he loved the fact that he was invisible- there was nothing about him that stood him out.

Nothing until his early teenage years when he began to speak. He actually did not do it for the attention; he was just tired like every other teenager; tired of having to swallow what everyone said- whether it made sense or not. So he began to speak up and challenge what he was told, what he read, even what he had believed. Consequently, he soon began to lose his invisibility; his friends loved to hear his down-side-up view of things, even when his mother lost an argument to him, she was quite proud to have a son whose stream of thought was slightly above the level of his pairs; and even he began to feel a new shade of confidence- it was the visible shade.

It is the same shade the few elect ones were coated with- the few elect ones who consistently topped the class, who were adept with how they crafted a piece of art, whose skill of returning each tennis ball slammed at them always awed a crowd, whose voices calmed troubled souls- those few elect ones who had been identified as the choice ones, the ones who had a higher propensity to rule their worlds. The visible ones who the world had its eyes on. He unintentionally became one of them without warning. He became a part without his own permission to be.

He however did enjoy the high that came with visibility- he chose to study Law because that was who he was called and he did excel at the study of the course. He kept challenging his peers, his lecturers and norms- He soon realised however that he was not as loved as he had always assumed; Nonetheless that knowledge rather than weaken him strengthened him and aided his resolve to prove that he belonged to the league he never thought he would be a part of- he became determined to rule the world with his wig and his gown; he chose to speak up for those without voices, to fight the cause of the underprivileged, to stand where others would cower. After all he too had finally believed that he was one of few who must rule their worlds.

Imagine his shock when he lost his first argument in court; he was certain the prosecuting lawyer and the judge belonged to the same cult. But then he lost his second case, his third case, his fourth case and yes his 13th case! He began to question his abilities, he wondered if the crowd that had cheered him on his entire life had sold him a lie and he pondered if he would ever have a chance at his moment of glory just like the other “extraordinaries” in his league. Even when he won his first case, he could not revel because without a lawyer, the case would win itself.

Did he once think he was what the world was waiting for? Not anymore- he has since realised how much a part of that same world he was- a world filled with many people with all shades and degrees of visible and “extraordinariness“, equally and often times more skilled than he was, he gradually began to see the other factors he never considered important- discipline, consistency and humility. He chose to dismember himself from the league or maybe the league dismembered him and he is no longer awaiting his “aha-moment”.

Today, he is satisfied with working hard to genuinely solve problems. Starting with his own.

He is beginning to love ordinary again.

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