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A King’s Day Today

Very, Very few people make it so easy for me to overcome a a writer’s block and this dude is definitely one of them!

To me, he is a King- Literally!!!!

When I finally met my brother… and yes I mean that… I met one of the strongest men I know today… a sheer brilliant mind and more a man with a resilient spirit. I am ever so proud to be associated with this regal being.

I have learnt some of the most profound lessons from him, fought the dumbest wars with him, laughed the loudest laughters with him, tossed all sorts of business plans with him, and pulled all manner of stunts and tricks with and on him. He is more than a brother I tell you- he is my friend, my paddy of life, my goon, my band leader, my food partner, book lover and ideas bank!!!! Again he is a great man- a King and again, I am ever so proud to be associated with him.

Today, I choose to look at his life and share 5 of the most invaluable lessons I hope to emulate someday and I do hope that he does see the amazing person that he is to me and that he keeps this beautiful light of his ever shining!!!!

  1. I love his attention to details and plans- Ope writes lists upon lists and ticks them off as he achieves them daily! You will be amazed to see in his diary things as little as “Call XXX” or “Pick up XXX”. He is definitely the most detailed of us all he writes plans daily and even plans for many years to come!
  2. His tenacity is unbelievable! You need to see when this dude is passionate about something- he goes all out for it!
  3. Ope seems to be the most organised of the pack too!!!!! He is squeaky clean and tends to put things in the right places- his shirts are often well ironed, you hardly find things loosely hanging in his room- That grace I am still hoping for
  4. My brother is a reader!!!! Ope buys and lives in books but not in the typical way. Unlike most readers, Ope meticulously reads; he reads for the knowledge and its application. You would hardly catch him rushing any book, books have purposes and often fit into a phase of his life.
  5. His resilience and flexibility always, always, amaze me. He definitely is one strong human.

Here is wishing you a beautiful and warm birthday tweety…. We’ve got many more years to laugh like hyenas, sing our typical “pami” songs, dance salsa,waltz and fuji all at once and enjoy this gift of life and family God has blessed us with.

Love love love you!

Happy Birthday!!!!

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