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Souls Connect_Seun’s Story_A Case Study

Two weeks after Emeka broke up with her, Seun sat on a brick slab outside the church with her friend Tunde.

Seun and Tunde had been trying to find a suitable new dance routine on YouTube for the forthcoming Convention themed “Totally Sold Out”. However, they ended up watching funny videos and laughing till tears filled their eyelids. They had been friends for almost one year, good enough friends to have on her bbm but not the kind of friend who could walk into her house at any time.

Seun knew he worked with a small IT firm and had the cliché routine of the average Lagosian: wake up at 5:00am, join the traffic, work hard for several hours in exchange for Naira notes that mocked his boyhood dreams, and return home in the traffic late in the evening. His Saturdays were often the same. He loved God and dancing, so after laundry, a few tech deals and occasional car runs, he would rush to church where he practiced dance routines for one church event or the other with the Dance crew. He was often in Church even when there was nothing to do there. Church was one of the few places he could go to and not have to pay for a seat. Occasionally, something different happened, like bumping into Seun when no other member of the dance crew was close by.

After Seun finished narrating her breakup story, Tunde ended the evening with an awkward statement, “I don’t know if I should feel happy or sad that your relationship ended, but…”

Two weeks later, Seun’s eyes were sparkling as she spoke to herself, “I think I hear God give me the go ahead, too”. She never thought she would move on so fast, even though she knew that if Emeka had not broken up with her, she would eventually have had to break up with him.

Seun’s relationship with Emeka had started on a high but the relationship had settled into problematic routine and it seemed the entire world wanted them apart except for the two of them. The strands of the bond they thought could never be broken would soon snap and Emeka would finally admit, “Seun I think we have to break this thing up.” “I thought we were in this because God was in it too. Does God change his mind?” she responded feigning shock.

Whilst she was trying to figure it all out, she had started to give Tunde some thought. Tunde was Yoruba and that put a major family concern to rest. He had a job, he loved God and his genotype was AA. A perfect match. They were engaged 4 months later and got married one year after. It was not bliss all the way, but they made it!

Unlike the stories they had heard and even the wars they fought just before they exchanged vows, their first three years were blissful. They had two healthy boys they proudly showed off on Facebook and Instagram; they moved from the one room apartment they both paid for on the mainland to a five bedroom apartment on the Island, and Tunde bore the full cost alone. He rode a black Benz, she had a white Prado; their kids had a salon car dedicated to them. Seun and Tunde loved God and, though they had physically outgrown the Dance group’s activities, they were regular at church services. They were just fine.

Just fine until the night Tunde suddenly woke her from sleep, “I need you to be strong for me. I just resigned. I had to because if I don’t everything will fall apart – our name, our image, everything! I will leave the house tonight and next week travel to Spain. I promise I will send for you and the kids once I’m settled. If anyone should ask after me please tell them you don’t know where I am. I will call in two days so we can meet up somewhere. I love you!”

Although she knew she should say more she simply asked “Did you do what you are running from?”

“I needed to give you the best, you know? I love you Seun” he answered.


Photo Credit: Google Images

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