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A Beautiful Psalm

This morning, I woke up feeling a sense of love soooo amazing I knew it was going to be a Psalmy morning… So I rolled over picked my bible and opened it to Psalm 105.

As a young child I remember my mother loved to read her favorite passages into our ears I could almost recite many of those passages from listening to her over and over again.

Psalm 105 was one of those and today, it came to me- more than anything, I saw it with new eyes.

You see, this Psalm not only talks about the goodness of God but equally shows his reasons for doing things and indeed his purpose for his children- It answers a lot of my questions of “why am I where I am right now” “where is all of this leading to” more than anything I know that I know today that God just like in the song I shared with my friends recently – Already there by casting crowns can see the end of our lives already; and even when we do not know why, he has a perfect plan for that bad, funny or sticky situation! I love this Psalm again because it shows that God simply IS- he is unquestionable.

After the first few verses of Psalm I05 which tell of God’s Goodness, we are introduced to a being of total integrity. This God made a promise to Abraham and his offspring (us); his acts are to ensure that we- (when we yield to him) come to that place of promise. Look at how Vs. 17-18 tell of God’s master plan of salvation involved one man Joseph being bound & imprisoned it says “he was bound & his soul entered into the iron” just so that God’s covenant would come true! Joseph’s trial that included slavery, separation from his own and eventually imprisonment was a part of God’s plan to fulfill the promise he made to Abraham. Imagine how the same God who increased his people and made them stronger than the Egyptians turned their hearts against them- Yes he- God turned the hearts of the Egyptians to loathe the Israelites!

Why? Because although they may have prospered in Egypt, although they had increased in numbers and in wealth, although they might have been comfortable in that place- that was NOT where God was taking them to- he had a better plan than that comfortable place they were in so he stirred the waters just to get them moving again!

I love how God did not just cause them to leave Egypt in peace he made a big statement with the 10 plagues- it might be great for you to read the story of the plagues from Exodus 7-11– an interesting thing you would find there is how God allowed the magicians in Egypt to replicate the first two plagues- He turned their rivers into blood the magicians did the same, He caused frogs to come upon the land and the Egyptian magicians did the same but by the time he struck the land with Gnats the magicians failed!!! Why did he allow them feel like they had the power in the first two instances? Why did he allow the Israelites suffer the same fate in the first three plagues before he caused an obvious separation of his people and the Egyptians?

In the end, Vs. 37 says he brought his people forth with silver & gold and there was not one feeble among them- and although they still sojourned for years, God still fulfilled his promise and brought them to that place of promise- Canaan.

Now this is the best part for me and it shows the reason why God did all that he did- the last two verses says “And gave them the lands of the nations [of Canaan], and they reaped the fruits of those peoples’ labor That they might observe His statutes and keep His laws [hearing, receiving, loving, and obeying them]”.

Do you see that all God wants in the end is a relationship with you? He is not interested in your good works, your offerings or your plans.

He simply wants to be your God and this requires faith in him.

PS: God wants us in our Canaan- but the process of getting there (the hurdles, the trials, the Egyptians on our path) is what would enable us (equip, prepare, solidify our experience of who he is, build our faith) to do what he wants us to do in Canaan (have a relationship with him).

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2 Responses to “A Beautiful Psalm”

  1. royalengr

    Gen 47:3 shows us that all they were skilled at (from the time of Abraham till then) was tending livestock. They left Egypt having acquired new skills (along with the riches and material possessions.) So God always knows how to condition hard times to benefit, and train us- just like He did during their journey through the wilderness.

    Awesome piece!


    • OgoOluwakitan

      Tiwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Thanks darling and spot on- God knows how to condition hard times to benefit and train us!



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