Stories, Photos, Faith…. Life as I see it

Tonight… I AM

Tonight,  I sing a love song

Tonight, I waltz with my king

Tonight,  I feel his presence so strong

I know he is right here staring at me with the most tender gaze

Tonight, my heart isn’t yearning

I have been filled already with a love so strong, a presence I cannot deny and a purpose I will run with

Tonight, I am  reminded of my name

The name he called me when he conceived me- the words he spoke when I took that first breath.

Tonight,  my eyes do not want to sleep… How do I close my eyes when all I see is indescribable glory?

Tonight,  I know I am writing that piece I would go back to when the waters get rough…

Tonight, the fire inside glows… it grows

Tonight, I write with a smile that touches the corners of my heart… I write through the most beautiful tears…

Tonight I Yield.

Tonight…. Tonight

I sing a love song… I waltz with my all

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