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Just had to write a “Faith” Piece!!!

It was August 2005, I was just beginning to settle into my new room in Nyberg Hall- I wasn’t feeling anything expect exhaustion from a long day of a much disorganized registration process. I was a freshman in Babcock- about to study International Law and Diplomacy I am not sure I knew what to do with it then! Anyway out of restlessness, I walked out of my new A3 room down to the center that linked all 5 wings of the hall and then I saw her.

IMG_20140812_064730This tiny girl carrying her bags into the D or E wing. Something said she would be my friend so I stood there staring quite rudely not offering to help either but rather chose to walk out to the reception. She came out almost immediately to pick what was left of her stuff from the white car that had a church’s logo embedded into it. “She’s a church girl” I thought and walked away.

We didn’t become friends until about 2008 or 2009 when she was just two rooms away from me- Even then, I just enjoyed eating her food, looking for her trouble and screaming from the window when her family came to see her… She was my personal bully pawn! She got upset with me a couple of times but I loved to see her upset too…

June 2009, graduation- we were already sorta close. We chose to stay in the same room for our grad weekend. I remember the day I had my bike accident after refusing to wait for her- She laughed at me ehn!!!! But she still took care of me.

74233_449080401945_710961945_5979059_1109519_nSchool ended, NYSC began we were both in Lagos- we grew really fond of each other. I always loved the girl inside her she was that girl seemed to know! She was always collected; that girl that you know would always give you sound Godly advise. She had known God much longer than I did and it was pretty evident in the way she carried herself- her life was one of the few ones that brought that thirst to really know God. We both were no nonsense babes on the outside but softies on the inside… We could talk for hours and not be bored… at the end of 2010, she was becoming one of my most favorite persons in the world!

Day after day, year after year our bond grew- today she is my bestest! my sister! my partner in long conversations that make no sense and make absolute sense! We might not talk for months and when we do it’s like “bam” “I knew you would understand me”!!!!

IMG_88360438923318I call her my calm blue sea, she has a way of calming you down with the right words, she is absolutely beautiful from every angle, she runs very deep but she does not carry it on her shoulder. She can be a proud child though! And sometimes she is just not in the mood for carrying d world’s problems but this I can say, she is definitely one of the best of us all!

A unique one! An undeserved bonus! A joker card!

Her name is Faith Bamidele and it’s her day today!

Happy Birthday my darling!!! I wish you all the beauty that you can imagine a life of depth in Christ, peace and fulfillment beyond your imagination!!!

Love you to the moon!

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