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Foolish….Hungry… Hungry… Foolish

Just read through this2013 post!!! I think 2014 has not been too bad afterall…..

Life Through These Eyes

1:14 AM, 23 December 2013

“Stay Hungry… Stay Foolish…”


Those words are in my head… maybe because I have been working on a presentation that has forced me to do a lot of research on entrepreneurship and sustainability…. Or because I have a friend that has been nagging me about starting a business or because I am working on a proposal that I feel could lead to that-big-idea-that-can-change-the-world-or-maybe-just-my-world.

Anyway, those words have propelled me to think of things I want to stay hungry about and those things I wannna remain absolutely foolish about in the year 2014… As an individual, I’m not one to make New Year resolutions… I have always thought a new year is only a continuum of my life… Why make such a big fuss about another tomorrow???

But just as with many things in my life, I am beginning to see things a lot more differently these…

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