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From Faith-Lessness to Faith-Fullness

One of the most profound evidences of our faith is our conviction.

That feeling of “I-know-that-I-know-that-I-know” that God is and that he hears me when I call”!

In my pretty young journey of grace, I have come to realize the importance of nurturing the seed of faith sown the first time I chose to follow.


Truth be told, I never really got the memo on nurturing in the earliest days… I assumed that things would fall into place… I mean I had given him my life right? I was a new being… Old things had passed away…

I assumed that I would have an automatic mindset change!

Imagine the shocker when I saw me drifting into the person that ought to be dead, tangled in the same sins, weighed down by the same burdens…. “Faith-less”

In those days of “Faith-Lessness” one thing that remained with me was the inner, personal, unshaking, unwavering conviction that God is and that I could not be anything good outside of him. Something had happened inside of me that made me know-that-I-know-that-I-know.

But it was not enough to just know, I needed to move beyond sowing to nurturing.

So I began to water my conviction with a measure of intentionality…

It was in that process that I had the “aha-moment

I found one beautiful way to nurture amongst others (to be shared later)

Eureka!!! It’s called Talking and Listening!

You see what we have in God is a love relationship one slightly similar to what we see around.

Imagine being in a relationship where two parties genuinely love each other… maybe one more that the other… they begin a journey together based on their conviction which came about through communication but somewhere along the line they stop talking… What happens is that although the love they have seemingly is the same, that missing oil of communication would gradually make them drift apart… Not because there is no love but because they have stopped talking and listening.

The beautiful thing with God is he is the lover that always talks to us through his written and spoken words! The evidences are everywhere even in that place that you are in right now…

All you need do to lubricate the wheels is to talk to him and incline your heart to hear him…

Talk to him like you would a perfect father

Say things as they are no forming

Never allow your thirst for God be satiated

Choose to be more conscious to your spirit man (the real you) than the dust you walk around in.

Nurture this seed you have! Let’s make a forest of Faith here on earth!

Have a Faith-Full week 🙂  Jeremiah 29:13

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