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For the Crawler Yearning to Walk

Sometime in the past you made this decision to give your life to the maker

It was a conscious, deliberate act… you knew that it was the only way to go

So you began this journey of a lifetime…


In the beginning, you were fired up…

Your tank was full…

Your energy was burning so hot you could have melted ice. You yearned for more everyday

You looked around and hoped that one day you would walk like the others

You couldn’t wait so you held on to passages that allowed you stand for a while

You prayed yourself to sit up straight…

You even tasted the glory of walking for a few seconds… You were reminded of why you chose to follow

But one day… you went to bed with your gate slightly open

You ignored the nudging and chose to toy with the things of the past

You felt guilty the first time you fell… The guilt gradually eroded with every other fall

Now you know that the fire is gone, your tank is empty… your energy waned

But rather than let that lie sit comfortably with you

The lie that says “you cannot make it”, “you are only human”, “you have failed already!” “Give up!”

The lie that whispers… It is easier on the other side.

My darling, know today that this yoke is easier… this burden lighter

Come back to your first Love

Choose to never look back again

Child, stand up… walk, RUN….

What is before you is a race!

A race you only decide to run as a child or a man

The gift of salvation is free… holding fast to that gift however requires work

|Matthew 11:30|Hebrews 12:1|Romans 8|Hebrews 10:23|

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