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Random Thoughts of Eden

I spent a part of my day today at a beautiful place with nature. One of those places where you can literally perceive the smell of wet green leaves, moist wood and freshly baked natures air- no contamination from I better pass my neighbor generators, or smoke from rickety trucks carrying tubers of yam or the horrid smell of weeks old garbage.

The air around me was fresh; so fresh that whist I walked the expanse of the area, I began to imagine what the Garden of Eden would have looked like and what Adam’s life in there would have been. Here are a few random thoughts that uncontaminated air could bring.

  • The garden could have been really really huge- Statistics say that there are over 8.7 million animal species in the world! I bet that they couldn’t fit into a small garden but then again it is possible that all the animals were not in the garden! A theory I think could hold true. Since the bible is silent on the size of the garden, the best we can do is to speculate or better still ask God. I have read articles that point to the fact that it could be as big as a combination of the area now known to be Central Asia and the Middle East and some articles maintain that the garden was small whilst some say that it never existed in the real sense it was only a state of consciousness! *coughs*
  • Adam’s job was unenviable! How could one guy name all the animals and remember their names such that no two animals would be called rabbit or gorilla! Remember that Adam came at a time when there was no google to do a quick search. Since I doubt that he ran a ministry model of work I am certain that his IQ must be a perfect 200 or Adam was the true father of record keeping & data management- he must have kept libraries of animal information!
  • Apart from the animals, Adam had all these trees to tend to- maybe he had to produce manure from and for the plants, harvest corn for his own consumption, and rake the leaves that fall off the trees to ensure the garden was suitable for God to walk through in the evenings. Again just like the animals, he had to name the plants and randomly stumble on mad combos like coconut and corn, garden egg and peanut butter, yam dipped in palm oil!
  • Maybe he cooked bitter leaf stew the first time without scrubbing it, touched his skin right after cutting yam and every time a coconut fell off a tree he must have thought it was time for football!
  • Wonder if Adam ever got tempted to kill a goat to make asun or point and kill one cat fish for pepper soup, did he have the urge to cut the throat of a chicken to make stew- maybe he tried once and he heard the voice of God in the garden saying “Adam drop that chicken”!
  • Whatever he did go through however was worth it- Can you imagine having dinner with God every evening or taking a walk around the waters with God. What was their conversation about and in what language? Did God tell him about his plans for his life; did God share his innermost secrets; did they sing together; did they dance together; if they played games what were they? Did God ever open the windows of heaven for Adam to look through it? Did God ever have sleep overs in the garden? Or night vigils? How about midnight phone calls? What was it like being alone with God face to face? Every day of his life.

As much as I cannot imagine a world without asun, pepper soup, fried rice and chicken, boli & fish, I cannot imagine an eternity without God or even a today without random beautiful thoughts of him like these.

PS: Do share some of your random thoughts about the garden in the comment box below.

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