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For My Dad

When asked to pray for our fathers today, I found it difficult to say anything other than

“Thank You Lord”

As I fought back tears brought by all the beautiful and hilarious memories I have of my father I knew that today, I would break my writers block and write him a piece… It’s the least I could do…

If I could describe him with the least of words I would say “solid guy” “solid solid guy”.

My father brings smiles to my face when I’m away from him and many times a frown when I’m with him. He is the one person I know that is capable of sending a being on a thousand errands without thinking of the human possibility of it- Maybe it’s because he never really worries about the impossibility of things- he is probably the happiest man I know, quite sendless about things, he tries to always live life to the fullest and hardly would you catch him low in spirit.

He taught me many things- but of all of them he gave me a foundation in God. He taught me to pray, give a tithe, and fast. His answer to most things I asked for were “pray about it” I remember always feeling frustrated with those words but today, I know that all I really have is God and I thank him for that consciousness. He taught me to write plans and make budgets and even when all the income I had was N70, my expenditure report must have three essential lines: Tithe, Offering and Savings.

He knew how to make a young girl smile- flowers on his way back from a walk, a package on valentine’s day, breakfast made by daddy, personal letters and once he bought me quite an ugly teddy bear! He knew how to make a person cry too- I remember him giving me a whole box (like a carton of noodles) filled with complimentary cards and asked me to type each into an electronic organizer (that task took 3 months and I didn’t finish)! Once he asked me to cook for about 12 guests and after slaving away all day my dad came into the kitchen and said “she o ti se ounje na tan? o da bi pe next week ni meeting yen o…” Chai! N trust daddy to have an expressionless look on his face as he delivered the news.

The Christmas of the year I turned 10, we all made lunch with Chef Jones (daddy is a fabulous cook by the way). After setting the table with the food he asked me to bring the plates from the kitchen and overly efficient me carried ALL the plates we had, tripped and shattered them into a zillion pieces- The entire market knew of how I broke all the plates in the house as we went shopping for a replacement… and even though he threatened to carve a mark on my face the next time I broke something he never did!!! Lol.

He is a friend and a support- he is the same almost every day- happy, satisfied, grateful. I know he would call every Friday to pray with me and after the prayer he would give me the latest gist of what is going on… If he is not home I can tell he is at work or at some Christian function, he loves amala and efo, he is in love with music, he has a beautiful smile and I think he silently loves shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the world celebrates fathers today- I celebrate you daddy! I cannot say how much I love you and how big an influence you have been to me… You are my guy anyday… anytime…

N I wish you a beautiful daddy’s day…..

Luv u!


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