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My Own list of FOUR THINGS

Arguably, this has been my best year ever!!!!!!

I call it best today because this year allowed me to push the boundaries of myself beyond what I could have ever imagined.

No I haven’t started that great business idea yet, I haven’t changed jobs, I don’t drive a sleek car and I still have not started the book project.

Nothing has really changed on the outside but inside…. I grew. Unconsciously too ‘cos growing was probably the last thing on my mind!

In the last few days of the year due to a little loose time, I have had the opportunity to read a lot more, the opportunity to sit alone and think, the opportunity to question things that seemly be…. And I in all the culmination of these things can say for a fact that there are only three important things to do in life… a forth would feel like brandy soaked fruit cake… (If you don’t know what that feels like, call me- I’ll show you)

  • Love Love Love God: In many of my mind battles, I question the reality or maybe the essence of the things I do everyday. I-Wake, I-Bath, I-Walk, I-Eat, I-Work, I-Sleep, I-Think. EVERY damn day… doing the same thing… Knowing that one day I would return to dust…. Its fickle you know… everything we do… every step we take… every penny we make…  it’s nothing. Meaning can only be found in God. It’s only in him that “doing” makes a difference.
  • Live: You cannot live like you are dead and call it living… Allow yourself feel the beauty, the joys, the sorrows, the laughter of life… Know who you are and love that human deeply… let that human be free to breathe be you spotted, stripped or even cracked. Dream ridiculous dreams and chase them with some sense… Don’t give up the child in you… Age gracefully…
  • Fall in love with Music, Art, Sports and that other being: Sing in the shower, dance in front of your mirror, mourn your club’s loss and remember to foolishly, completely give that other being all of you… everything…
  • Touch lives in a positive way: It’s really not about you alone. Love just as you do yourself. Give as you will to yourself… Feel pain as if it were your own and be excited as though it were your gain…

If by any micro micro micro chance I have a demi god reading this who has swinged through all four…

Please stop by at quarter-to-ONE….

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