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Foolish….Hungry… Hungry… Foolish

1:14 AM, 23 December 2013

“Stay Hungry… Stay Foolish…”

Those words are in my head… maybe because I have been working on a presentation that has forced me to do a lot of research on entrepreneurship and sustainability…. Or because I have a friend that has been nagging me about starting a business or because I am working on a proposal that I feel could lead to that-big-idea-that-can-change-the-world-or-maybe-just-my-world.

Anyway, those words have propelled me to think of things I want to stay hungry about and those things I wannna remain absolutely foolish about in the year 2014… As an individual, I’m not one to make New Year resolutions… I have always thought a new year is only a continuum of my life… Why make such a big fuss about another tomorrow???

But just as with many things in my life, I am beginning to see things a lot more differently these days… Which is why this time around, I think I’m grateful for the opportunity a new year brings with it….

So for the year 2014 I have attempted to come up with what I would call my hungry foolish list.

  • I want to always remain foolish or maybe childish about my the little things of life… like picking sea shells at the beach or allowing my thoughts roam to the most ridiculous things, or leaving the house without a destination!
  • I am absolutely certain that I want to remain hungry about the Holy Spirit….
  • I am always hungry for a challenge, a new adventure, something crazy!
  • I want to foolishly love…..
  • I want to remain hungry for making a difference… There has to be more to life right???
  • I’m hungry for Amala right now…
  • I always want to thirst for knowledge… I need to know… I want to know
  • I want to ask people foolish questions just to see that look on their face….
  • Not sure this is hungry or foolish but I sure want to laugh rolling on the floor in white… hehehe
  • This is definitely foolish(You know why *wink*) I want to jump from a 100ft height…. Yes I can!!! Yes I can!!!!
  • Never want to satisfy my hunger for music…. Such beauty… Neither do I want to ever stop dancing…. Even to the music in my head….
  • I want to always have those random conversations that start from food, to politics, to water, to coke, to lip gloss, to taking a shower, to God, to makeup, to all that foolishness….
  • I foolishly have no idea of how to end this piece… Lord help me…Anyway, to all of you who have endured my random, ridiculous, thoughts in the year 2013…. Here is to many more in the year 2014… And to all the new hungry and foolish people I hope to meet- I absolutely love you already-
  • Cheers to a beautiful 2013 and a Fabulous 2014
  • With much Love
  • A foolishly hungry OgoOluwakitan

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