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Still on SEVEN,000

The last few weeks have been colored with the most radical thoughts and ridiculous conversations. I must say though that allowing myself explore these radical and ridiculous things have brought me utmost joy sprinkled with tiny bits of what I would call a rattling unsettling sensation.

I have over the last few weeks toyed with the thoughts of individuality, uniqueness and the selfishness that underlies the feeling that it is just one me in the whole earth or there is no one that is like me. That innate desire as human beings which fuels our inner cravings to feel unique, different and one-in-a-million! More so, our inability to swallow the thought that there are others just like us or even way better. Why on earth do we believe that unless we are incomparable we are not profoundly meaningful?

Anyway I was still lazily toying with the idea when I read the article I shared on 7000 reasons why your uniqueness may be plagiarism. It was just the right dose of extra restlessness I needed! The author’s point was pretty simple- even if you are one-in-a-million there are 7000 people just like you on the earth going with the world’s statistics of 7,000,000,000 people (and yes I just had to type 7 billion with all the zeros- just so you feel the ‘raise-to-power-X’ effect this has on you!).

Whilst still ruminating on the uncomfortable possible reality of it all, one of the 7000 beings in one of the one million variations (the catchment made up of weirder humans than those in mine) sends me these two passages 1 Kings 19:14 and I Kings 19:18 . In verse 14 of 1 Kings 19, Elijah had been crying to God about being the only one left- the only one of his kind- or so he thought until God replied in verse 18 saying that he will leave himself 7,000 others just like Elijah in the catchment area Israel! Gbam!

Is this just a mere coincidence? Our radical thoughts playing tricks on us? Or is there something about 7,000 of a particular variation of humans? Does this have any symbolism in the spirit realm?

More questions today that answers… However, in as much as I have not fully grasped the entirety of this, I simply love the fact that there was something to chew on about it in the bible…

More than that, I feel completely comforted knowing that I am 1-in-the-7000-people-in-all-the-1,000,000-possible-variations. I Am Unique….. Still…

Uniquely comfortable with random, ridiculous thoughts!


  • This blog would assume no responsibility for any restless sensations you might feel as a result of reading this post… If you laughed about it, we would definitely take the honors!
  • Research into the symbolism of the number 7,000 at your own risk!
  • It is strongly advised that you do not venture into such unsettling activities as researching 2 above or ruminating over this post for more than 5 seconds! Exceptions apply to all humans in the weirdo catchment.

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    • OgoOluwakitan

      LarkandBloom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *warm warm hug*…. And I totally agree crazyyyyy!



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