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Talk 1: The Perfect Will of God

How do I begin to attempt to fit a very important, interesting and diversely opinionated conversation into sentences and paragraphs on some white screen…. This is the boring part of Talk 1 which I am still reminiscing over. Still learning about. Still loving.

We talked about his “perfect will” and I am certain that having that talk was within his will for each of our lives at that very moment in time and that even this… boring part of typing the much I can remember at 11:41 pm on a Sunday night is part of his perfect will for my life at this time… or so I think!
It was easy for every one of us to agree that indeed God has a perfect will for our lives. He is a perfect God isn’t he and in the words of my dear dear friend… It would be a bit “irresponsible” for a God so mighty to ignore an important detail as having a plan for the lives of the beings he created! However by plan do we mean that God has a huge big plan that has a clearly defined start (where you were born) and an end (where your life should end/who you should be at the end/how the world defines/sees you at the end) and we humans have the choice to determine how we get to the end that he has predestined for us. For example maybe God planned that I would be the President someday that is the “end” for this hypothetical life quite simply now whether I get there at 25, 78, through PDP or Party for Christ, whether I studied Political Science or Medicine does not matter. All that matters is I nailed the plan! Dasall…
Or do we mean that by this plan, God has a Master document where your life and mine have been clearly designed to the most “insignificant” detail like the fact that you are reading this blog post wondering what the heck this crazy ass chick is talking about. Or the fact that you cannot but keep loving me this very moment and eager to read the rest of what it is that I’m saying…. Is this time of your life right now a part of this carefully designed plan of God (if there is one) or maybe somewhere along the path, you had taken a wrong turn and now you are stuck with this blog message for the rest of your 3 minutes plus!
We could not reach a consensus as you would guess on the definition of “perfect will” but let’s take a step back and look at the life of Jesus- The reason why we call ourselves Christians, the foundation of our faith. Do you by any chance think that a minute of his about 33 years on earth went without it being a part of God’s great plan of salvation? Wait… Think Through it well and continue….
We talked further on a controversial aspect of this topic- Choice Vs. Clear Cut Plan-Is there a predestined job for each man, a predestined course to study, a predestined spouse- Do you have a perfect match in his perfect will divinely selected for his perfect purpose? Hmmmmm I would stop there! (I am open to conversations around all of these though)
More than anything, we talked about knowing if we are in his will, how we can rightly discern his purpose and the essence of our lives. We talked about our relationship with him, our communication with his Spirit- The Holy Spirit- We concluded that all said and done, we were not dropped into this large bowl of billions of humans for nothing, we established the fact that he is not a senseless purposeless God, we all confessed that many times in our lives we had missed it, we had failed- we even sometimes could not tell if we are still within his will or if we had stepped outside what he planned for us.
I smiled when my friend said- Let’s just pray that we are in his will and if we are not, that we find our way back immediately. How sweet to know that we can… How amazing to know that we can exist without even stepping outside that plan.
Simply through the power of his Spirit in Us
In my opinion- God has a clear plan for my life at every point in time and in that plan, it is time for me to lay my head down to sleep!
Have a fab week Fam! Love you sillllly J
Romans 12:2, Genesis 24:14 (Note the word appointed), Genesis 2:21-22
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2 Responses to “Talk 1: The Perfect Will of God”

  1. Juwon

    Point well made. I’m still smiling even as I type this – maybe this smile is His will for me at this very point in time. lol



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