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A love That Is

Our love was not love at first sight
My first thought was that you were boring and bland
Always clad in glass and looking all dark within.
Our love was not love at first sight
Our love was not one at first sight
I’ld rather go for the other
Clad in glass but looking all bright
His love to me was all the love I craved

Our love was not a love at first sight
His taste was sweet but not strong; his feel weak and tired
His relics however were bold and bright on my lips and tongue
His love was a love to be told
Our love wasn’t a love a considered
Until that hot afternoon,
I searched for my love to no avail, stared you in the eye and mocked you within
Our love will never be I declared
Our love was a love that was to be
You fit so perfectly in my hands
I never knew until then how firmly beautiful you would be
Until I dared to be a cheat
Our love is a love that would forever be
The curves of you I long to hold
Wishing daily to get a fill of you
Your dark, cold, rich taste I long to have
Our love is a love to be sung
Tho your relics they see not
Clad in glass, plastic or a can
My dear coke, our love is a love that is!

2 Responses to “A love That Is”

  1. biodun

    Ehmmmmm….uhmmmm….yeah its coke abi?…coughing…Lovely write up…uhmmm before i lose myself, let me remember the subject is coke….or is it not now?….only K knowsss



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