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Good People Exist… I Know

Yes… Good people still exist…
By good I do not mean holy… I just mean good as good can be.
So after a rough day on Lagos Abeokuta Old road I decided to take a drive to the market and buy a few things. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon and I really would have just loved to sleep… Anyway off I went in my borrowed ride to the market. I parked jejely in a corner and walked to a store just opposite to buy a few items.

My plan was to leave there and drive to the pepper stall buy pepper, some groceries and head home. But alas! I got into my ride and it simply refused to start.
‘Not today Lord I whispered’ I remembered praising d car as I drove to the market It had never given me issues but it chose the worst day to (not like there is a good day to have car trouble anyway). ‘Lord I really don’t know what to do or who to call help’ I tried again but nah it still wouldn’t start.
So being Ogooluwakitan… No time to waste I decided to continue my shopping and check on the car later.
As I was buying pepper this young man parked a cute salon car in front of me. He wanted to grind something. Unfortunately the grinding machine was bad.
I’m not sure if this was boldness or foolishness or just faith.
Hello do you know anything about cars’ I said looking him in the eye… He looked a bit amused
My car won’t start and I don’t know what to do’ I told him.
He smiled and asked where I parked it… It was a bit of a walk so he said ‘come in I’ll take you there let’s see if we can fix it’ he had an hausa accent. I again boldly or foolishly or faithingly entered the car and off we went towards my little headache.
I got in again tried it but it simply refused to start.
So the gentle man who I had not asked for his name stepped in and tried. He immediately knew the problem… And NO I won’t tell you what it was….. I’m too embarrassed to tell you…. Anyway he fixed it in 5 seconds, started the car and just smiled.
He did not ask for my name or my number… he only went towards his car like it was a part of his plan to meet this clueless girl in the market who knew very little about cars
I quickly called him, said thank you and asked for his name
Musa’ he quietly said before he drove off.
To all the Musa’s out there who would willingly help people they don’t know, who would even go out of their way or route to try to fix a problem… Thank you… You remind me that good people still exist and that even though the world is wicked there are sprinkles of kind hearted humans around…
More than that, these people remind me of Love and God… Two words I am still yearning to fully internalize!

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