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Lemme Tell You of this Smile, Grin and Pout!

Tell me why I wear this smile?
No… No… No… It’s not what you think…
It’s not that other thought lurking around your brain either
I alone can tell you why I wear this grin
Aha… It is a grin now… Yes my usual grin…
That one I wear when I take my sister’s money and she knows that I know that she can’t have it back!
My ‘I am standing on top of the world grin’
That grin… That’s what I wear now
I adorned it with red hot lipstick
That one I wore the first time I smiled at you
Do you remember?
Of course you do… I smeared your perfectly ironed white shirt with it that morning
When you accidentally bumped into me
When you bumped into my red pout
Smearing my only adornment
My call for bigger attention
I did get the attention
And it was because of my red
Completely imperfect but spelling meee
This plain, short haired girl with big eyes
Lips gone wrong
They all stared
So did I
I look in the mirror
Staring at why they stared
Seeing the reason why they couldn’t look away
More than that,
Seeing the reason why I ended with a smile and a grin
Totally difficult to control how my lips curl into this
When your image in perfectly ironed white stares back at my now colorless pout
‘Morning again My Baby, My Smile, My Grin’
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