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Just Today With Words

Slouched across a colleagues’ seat. One that I silently covet for its enclosure away from the scurrying feet that walk past me every minute, the pairs of eyes I’m forced to face every time I look up and the inability to know when someone creeps behind me. Today should have been a good day since I got a full day’s fill of my dearly coveted seat. But it did not turn out entirely so. This is evidenced by the fact that like I mentioned earlier, I am currently sitting in an unsafe slouched position, imagining the pumping force going on in my head as I can feel the thumping of my veins against my fatter skin and my desire for a bed other than mine tonight.

It’s quite a surprise that today… today… I found the words to punch into my beloved screen. Loving every minute of doing this, loving Microsoft for the amazing gift they gave to me and loving myself for the capacity to pour out some words. Today. Today, still I desire a bed other than mine and more….

More! I am not sure I am a lover of the sound “more”… it’s not one of my favorites… I adore the meaning though. Because of more, I have the grace to have extra when I can, when I can afford it, when I can forcefully take it. However, today is not one of those days when I can do any. So I remain still. Taking in all I can that is beautiful, accepting the realities that surround me and yes… desiring a bed other than mine, a little bit more and a sprinkling of peace.

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