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A Letter to my Son

I found this write-up whilst going through old documents…. Thot it would be a good read.

My love,

I write this letter as a 22 year old, with a tummy as flat as a board and fingers bandless. But I can’t wait for that time that I would hold you in my arms, fresh from my womb, tiny and covered in blood. I bet it would be love at first sight. I’m still trying to figure out the first words I would say to you. I’m sure the tears of joy would say it all though.

By the time you get this, I must have told you often that you are a King, my King and there is nothing that is impossible for you to achieve. I look in your eyes daily and I see a man that is fearless and upright, a man that loves God and wants to do his will daily. You are one of a kind my son, never let the world tell you otherwise.

There will come a time that we will argue and fight, never doubt that I always want the best for you. Apart from that, your mother is one stubborn woman, I think I learnt it from mine, I hope you don’t follow in those steps but if you do…. Well we have your father as mediator.

Meet these ten lessons, memorize them and guide them with your life. They are words of truth.

1. Life starts and ends with God. The earlier you make him your friend and guide the better for you.

2. The people you surround yourself with are huge determinants to heights you will attain. Move with a crowd that pulls you forward. Be in charge of your relationships. Choose your friends. Once a friend is not gaining from you and you are not gaining from him/her please cut him off. All relationships have purposes. Note: True friends are usually only few in number

3. Happiness is tied to number one above and identifying your purpose. Everyone is designed to achieve an ultimate purpose. Search my son, sniff, read the word, ask your father and when you find that purpose, live each day to fulfill it.

4. It gets tough sometimes, girlfriends will hurt you, the world will demand a lot of responsibilities from you and you will be tempted to do the things you do not want to. Remember to breathe at such times. Never make decisions out of pressure. Curiosity may be allowed though.

5. Money is nothing. I learnt that pretty early. You should too. Financial intelligence however opens the door to freedom.

6. Knowledge gives you wings my prince. Crave for it, search for it and conquer it. Be curious, have a desire to know all things, read books, papers, talk to your grandparents (it is one of the cheapest ways to buy wisdom).

7. Three of the most amazing things in life Music. Art. Love.
When you listen, listen to the leaves, the sea and honking horns. When you look, be in awe of the endless skies, the old thatched roofs and the pretty woman beside you.

8. When you love my dear, love strong, love hard, love with your heart.

9. I learnt one thing from my father, it is called Faith- Find it son, learn the principles and walk according to them

10. You have an amazing mother. How many mothers would write to their sons even before seeing them and this is all she asks of you- Give her a kiss every day, buy her roses and chocolates occasionally, keep her kitchen clean and tell her you love her.

I love you unequivocally.

Your mother,

Photo Credit: Keith Mallet Black Women Art

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