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I am NOT a Christian

I am NOT a Christian!

They say I am a Christian,

I have really had no choice but to be a Christian

Every Nigerian knows that those of us with the Oluwa and ogo names just have to be Christians

I have claimed to be a Christian too

On forms, applications and surveys,

I have ticked the Christianity box so easily without thinking…

Because “they” say I am a Christian…

Or I ought to be a Christian…

But didn’t the bible define Christianity as being Christ like?

It’s that Simple….

A Christian should be a follower of Christ

Walking in his steps

Being in his image

People ought to see that resemblance right?

I cannot be a Christian without being like Christ

So NO, I am NOT a Christian

I am not religious

I am just this human who so craves to be like Christ

Who so crazily wants to be lost in this amazing being- Christ

Yet I fail!

I fail to follow in those steps

I get blown by the wind and I get distracted following other steps

But I crave..

I crave to be just like him

A replica of my father and my brother….

I desire to know him

I desire to have him guide me by the micro second

I desire to heal people the way he did and not hurt them

I desire to love the way he so selflessly loved

I desire to be just like him…. Nothing more….

I desire and crave to be Christ Like

So I am not a Christian
I’m only a wannabeChristlikefella!

Picture reference

Originally posted on Friday 17th August, 2012

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