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How Much Do You Weigh?

It has been a long week… Quite challenging too and more than anything, this week tested me. Over the past couple of days (or rather weeks), I have turned the words “How much do you weigh” in my head. Better still “How much do I weigh”

Physically, I have been drained. So much so that I thought I lost so much weight physically…. However, upon standing on the scale late last night, I discovered I was just the same as I have been in a while! “Weighted at the bottom” were the words that came to my mind.

Lest you think that this post is about where the pointer of the scale sits every time I climb it, it isn’t. This note is about how much I weigh as an individual- holistically- emotionally, mentally and spiritually. On these categories, I wish that there was an instrument such as a scale where individuals can stand on to measure what they weigh. Beyond that, I wish that there was an automated emotional/spiritual pump where all we need do is to pay an amount (Free isn’t bad either), and feed the nozzle of the emotional/spiritual pump directly into our lives. Life would be so much better except for the risk of human traffic at the Filling stations!!!

Having the thought of such amazing wonder excites me…. More exciting however is the fact that the wonder is real and in front of our door steps.

How you might ask? And don’t worry Kitan is still very much sane!

A combination of feeding our lives daily with the right words, the right attitude, the right values, the right literature and the right people can be all the pump we need for an entire life time. Don’t get me wrong… There certainly would be times where we would run out of gas and if you are almost as sapped as I sometimes feel you might be out of gas, water and oil at the same time!!!!! Pathetic!

But even then, God has us designed in such a manner that we can either receive through Bluetooth directly from pillars of strength around us (good friends, partners, mentors, etc.) and even directly from his throne.

So if today you feel as weightless as I did, all you need do is put on that Bluetooth and connect to the nearest source….. Fill up your tank and don’t wait to get all dry again… Feed your life with the right people, the right words, the right values, the right literature and then you can climb up the scale again and measure how much you weigh.

PS: Right now I am swinging between full tank and mid tank….. Bluetooth on!

Originally posted on Friday 9th March,2012

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