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Could God Lack Something?

I have a bad habit…

Once I listen to a song and I love it, I keep playing it over and over
and over again
Today, it’s Frank Edwards “Oba awon oba”
Frankly that’s who our God is… He is The King greater than all other
Kings combined together.
And I have been thinking,
Why would a God this great and mighty… This all sufficient God need
Of what good are we to him?
If he embodies everything why did he need to have man?
Was heaven boring to him, was he tired of the angels singing?
Did he just want some extra drama… a little spice that only humans can
Why did God think in the first place of making the earth talk more of
Why again did he not create Adam in that perfect place he was?
What was God missing that he needed you?
Why did he have to make me?
I remember reading a book that tied those questions to choice
God wanted a breed of people who though faced with the easier way will
choose to be his own
God needed people who although have the option of going the other way
would rather choose to stand for him
God needed a people who can cross hurdles, swim through oceans and pass
through fires because of his name
God needed people who will choose him
It’s that simple.
God needed a people who would choose him. He could have chosen not to
make humans
He could have chosen to compel humans to do it his way…
He could have made life a one way street
But No….
God did not want to be a Big Bully
The King mightier than any other wanted you to choose him.
I pray today that you see that really that is what we are here for….
We are here to choose God…. Nothing more
So to everyone who reads this, I pray that you choose God today and

Originally posted on Monday 20th August 2012

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