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A morsel of Faith, a Life of Freedom

One subject I always feel comfortable to talk about is faith. Not necessarily because I have truly internalized it or made it a part of who I am but because somewhere within me I just understand what it is and yes I can say I get it. Kinda.

Freedom unlike Faith is something I do not feel so comfortable with; however, I always enjoy the thoughts and discussions that come with it… To be honest, I think one of my favorite words is Freedom. It could be because of the way it sounds in my ears or because of the feel of the word on my lips or simply because it is one of those words that sound like what they mean…. Freedom… reminds me of soft blowing winds and a perfect weather on a beach… How I wish that is all there is to it (Lazy me).

Anyway, recently I have been tossing the thoughts of Faith and Freedom in my head. These thoughts although half-cooked are what propelled me to do this note. In the most recent past, I realize that I have been doing things not because I want to do them but because they are the proper-next-things-to-do. The weight of responsibilities and the need to make choices between what my heart desires and what is practical are becoming heavier than I have had to carry and sometimes I feel like just throwing it all away and stopping. Yes I really mean stopping.

Just doing nothing.

But of what good is that and how sustainable is it? So instead of itching the “krawkraw” which gives only some temporary relief, I thought it might just be better to dab a bottle of “Moko”… solve the problem permanently, and this is where Faith comes in.

Luckily, I have come to certain realizations in my life and it kind of sums up what faith is to me.
• It is not up to me to wake up every morning… why the hell do I bother?
• I honestly doubt that I would die of starvation
• Except I run mad I think I am certain I will always be clothed.
• I am lucky to have many shelters (fathers, mothers, uncles, friends, in-laws, in-laws to be, church members, colleagues, even cousin’s husband’s, sister’s house) I am indeed blessed and even in the worst situations, I believe I can run somewhere under the bridge… Thank God for Lagos!!!
• Every problem always sorts itself out!!!! Always!!! I wish I could apply this knowledge better
• In the end, if all were taken from me and I mean all, I would cry my eyes out till the tears won’t come out anymore, go find dodo to eat and think what next…. I would still be fine… at least someday.

Faith for me is simply knowing that I am fine today and all I need do is get by or better still enjoy this day that I have. It is funny how we know that the word says “think not of your life, what you will eat, what you will drink or about your body, what you will wear”.

If today, this moment is all the assurance we have why in the world do we even waste our very precious seconds worrying or worse being downcast? Now does this then mean we have a license to foolishness?

Maybe a little foolishness… stealing out of work just to seat by the beach may be good foolishness you know (and don’t say it, I know I love water)…

Linking faith to freedom comes in acknowledging that today is the only assurance I have and since I have a faith that I am fine, I should have that freedom to live as I ought. This really is not about sitting on a beach all day or eating plantain which I really love or going shopping as some people might want to.

It is about making this day, this moment that I have the best it could be. It means that I would remember to say sorry honestly when I wrong because tomorrow might just not be and that I would be less diplomatic when saying no (sometimes), It means that I would find it more important to live right (I really want to just love God and I honestly don’t like the thought of hell).

Most amazing of all I would have the freedom to make choices because it would be clear to me what is of priority and what isn’t worth keeping.

Faith in this sense frees me.

The truth is that it is only when we know God that we can truly understand faith and get to a point of making it a part of us. And it is only when we have keyed into the concept of faith can we really experience the freedom we so crave and desire.

I hope you can join me on this journey of discovering faith and living free just as he designed it to be.


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