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I found Happy Pills!!!!!

I started my Tuesday at a local primary school with a bunch of eight to ten year olds. At first glance I thought “They are way too energized, way too excited, maybe way too happy”.

I needed a dose of some of the happy pills they were swallowing so I walked up to a group of eight giggling girls and two rather shy boys. I asked “What do you wanna be when you grow up?” I am pretty sure that for centuries adults- and yes I am an adult– have used that one line phrase to get into the minds of children. At least adults like me who often have to crack their heads to start a simple conversation with younger minds.

“I want to be a millionaire”. That was the first response and it was from Lateefah. I honestly was rather taken aback but I loved the sheer honesty in those words. Soon after that I had a room full of young minds screaming the desires of their hearts for the future they hope will be theirs. It was a good day, that Tuesday. And by the time I got settled in my own skin, I think I was glowing, and exuding so much confidence and joy and yes I was happy. So happy that I was asked “What’s wrong? You seem too happy.”

Too Happy?

Should happiness even be qualified that way?

Anyway, most recently in my life, I have concentrated on the word “happy”. If I were asked the question “what do you wanna be Ogooluwakitan” I would say I wanna be happy. Just happy.

I remember a conversation I had with a sister-mine very recently. To her being happy is who she is, it defines her and determines the things she does and the way she reacts to things. She had a simple way of letting me into that happy world of her’s. Succinctly (I just had to use the word succinctly…*wink*), she decided not to be bothered about the things that she could not change and to be grateful and content with everything that was going on right.

It’s that simple.

All I need do is let go of what is not working and be content with EVERYTHING that is working…. And trust me I have a whole lot of “everything” that is working.

I tried it.

It worked.

For a while!

Arrrrrrgh! I wish happiness was a fundamental human right. I actually think it is a fundamental human right. Now I think I’m getting happy just writing this piece.

So what then is this happiness thing?

I would have described it as that feeling I feel when the world around me is calm and my face is bursting with boundless joy, that feeling I get when I eat chocolates or deep my feet into the sand at the beach, that feeling that makes me run and jump and fly (in my heart), that feeling that makes me find it easy to talk and laugh and dramatise! Ohhhhhhhh that feeling I feel when I love.

Happiness is definitely a feeling.

And more.

It’s a state of the mind, a decision, an act, a way of life. It’s a path that we choose. We can choose to be happy or not happy. Now, I know that sometimes life gets hard, we get slapped by loved ones, we get insulted by ugly looking conductors, we get assaulted by Lagos sun and unfortunately we get squeezed in-between two orobo’s in a moving piece of metal called Danfo. Yes life can be hard.

And we have all the right to be upset when such evil things happen to us!

But we equally do have the right to be happy, and be free to enjoy life as it is.

Good or bad.

Or inbetween!

So when I ask myself again “OgoOluwakitan, what do you wanna be when you grow up-grow up”?

I don’t wanna be happy anymore

Since I choose to be happy already… I think I am Happy already

I would say, maybe I wanna be rich.

Just like Lateefah.

PS: If you need a prescription for happy pills contact me directly on

Do have a happy moment today!


3 Responses to “I found Happy Pills!!!!!”

  1. Ife Bamidele

    Happy pills please. A truck load per second! Thanks. To Ogo and Lateefah who wanna be rich, when you rich and need to be happy. I shall be selling the pills. Jjust Kidding. May we be Happy forever and since its a decision. I choose to be Happy without the pills.


  2. Toye olutola

    Wow…it's the little things that count. There is nothing better than having peace of mind and genuine hapiness. Thanks for visiting my blog!



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