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A reminder about home……

Again I have been reminded that at the end of the day, all we should aim for is to make it home.

Often times, I forget that this body I live in will one day die and rot… often times I make plans and schemes believing that I control the next minute of my life… often times I forget that this place that I have grown so used to is not my home…. Never has been. Never will be.

Often times, many times I forget that the only reason I am here is to bring glory to one being; My creator and by bringing glory to him, I can do only two things-achieve the purpose for my creation and return home to that being untainted by this world.

This is the reason I write today. I write because like you I live in a world where it is so easy to get carried away by the troubles, to get blown away by the beauty and wonders, to get all so tangled and entwined that the one thing that should matter seems lost. I live in a world that has its own rules for measuring success and achievement, I live in a world that has no care for the words of my mouth or the letters I punch, I live in a world where people are lost and do not even know it. I live in a world that I cannot define. Yet I live, and thankfully it is unto a purpose I have found.

Today, the message is peace…..

In the midst of the deafening noise, in the midst of the chaos, in the midst of that madness and blindness going on inside you, I say “Peace be unto you” peace unto our souls, peace to our spirits, peace to you my friend, my co-traveler in this journey called life. Peace because without it we are only a part of the madness going on around us and not solutions to it. Peace because it is a promise our father gave to us. Peace because it is the one place we can be that would remind us of where we are coming from…. Our home in heaven.

I wish for one moment you stop whatever you are doing and ask God for that calming peace he alone can afford. While at that, remember the purpose for which you were designed, if you have not discovered it, please ask your father for it…. And do not let go till you find it….

We have been called the salt of the earth…. The light in the darkness….. It is sad that we claim that we are and our world is plagued with blandness and complete darkness. I charge us to again remember who we are and why we are here, I charge us to again remember our name and live up to it. I charge us to dream of the home we shall return to and the God we shall report to.

I charge you my friend to live your purpose today.

I pray you find peace while at it.

First published on 03:21,Thursday 12th January, 2012

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