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My radio speaks again

Silence is not what happened to me… I simply lost my voice

And far be it that I no longer think that the affairs of my dear mother land are crucial to my existence… It would be foolishness to think so… I simply lost my voice from screaming too loudly without getting any of the ears I wanted- well, except yours.

Today, I think I am getting that voice back…. But this time it is to ask, would we really survive this?

Suddenly the zeros behind the Naira sign have increased so much I do not know the difference between a million and a billion… May times it seems the “little thief with less zero’s” is a better guy…. And it is easy to rub him on the back and say “after all you were not that bad”

Theft is not the only citizen whose little clan has extended to the size of a state, scattered all around the borders of the map, the faceless terrors too are growing. Gone are the days when we weep, or at least open our mouths when the news tell of 10 new deaths… Today our ears have become used to those words… We live on… Not like we have a choice.

Should I again blame it on the guy at the top? Be he clad in agbada, uniform or bowler hat? Should I again blame it on you reading this… You have done little but blame haven’t you? Should I blame it on myself? I am no less blame free am I…. Or should I just blame it on the color of our skin? Moreover haven’t they attributed our skin to evil… Maybe our nature gives us no choice but to be wicked and selfish to ourselves… Maybe we shouldn’t blame anymore… Maybe we should just accept our nature and thank the heavens for the less thief, for the less terror… for the fact that at least we still have the lips to blame.

I thought that won’t be bad but then, even where our skin has dictated to us, do we not have that tiny thing called choice and its help- the consciousness of right and wrong? Do we wait till we are all wiped out before we realize that we alone have the solutions in our hands… Must we realize the extent of the ruin above us when our fathers are falling, when our mothers lose limbs, when our children become frail or when we ourselves seize to breathe?

At what point do we think we should collectively stand up for ourselves… At what point do we imbibe the culture of selflessness without waiting for the guy at the top…. At what point do we strategically choose our future rather than let it happen to us…

At what point Nigeria will you open your eyes to the ruin you are making of yourself? When there is no one to sing the anthem, when our flags have been burned from the wars or when your young men and children are either scattered across the seas or turning to dust?

Listen to this old radio speak my dear country… And yes! Stand up and fight for yourself…

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