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Woe unto Nigeria if you choose to remain silent and do nothing. Woe unto you!

From this end, it seems all is fine. Buses still ply the pot-hole riddled roads, market women still sit behind their ever increasing wares, the men in uniform still stand on the road stifling squeezed pieces of paper down their pockets, workers still sit stuck in traffic and jobs they loath and you remain as you have been, every man a government unto himself.

The death numbers have I lost count of, the hospitals filled with blasts and massacre victims. The doctors threaten strike and the hospitals are not even worth the glory of the name accorded them. People with limbs, eyes and ears have woken up limbless, sightless and deaf. Yet we go on like all is well.

Our school gates have we locked up, futures toyed with, time wasted and our safety have we opened to invasion. Primary and Secondary students have we locked away, an evidence of our lack of foresight, our lack of planning and our sheer stupidity. Locked away from an education that was insufficient ab-initio, for a reason that lacks matter and from a future we can hardly see. Yet we pray all be well.

The Igbos in the north now cry ‘massacre’ the Christians cry ‘blood’ different ethnic groups cry out for justice the whole scenario so muddled up all we make out of our lips is ‘o my’. Our Task forces have failed us, they always have. From the days of Dele Giwa till date we have little to be proud of, their acts remain as dark as their uniforms. How long do we fold our arms, how long do we sit behind our desks reading the papers, how long do we protest within the four walls of our homes? How long do we simply accept the status quo and hope all be well?

Wars need no more provocation than this, retaliation lurks around the corner, the sooner we realize the noise above our heads is that of fire burning the thatch and not lizards playing chase, the better for us. The next steps concern us all. The final destination would not be reached today, might not be reached next year yet, we had better start taking the first steps of the journey of more than a thousand miles.

Register, Select, Vote, Protect!

4 Responses to “R.S.V.P”

  1. Kitan

    Uncle Juwon thanks…. I checked out ur blog…. Seems u have long left blogging for Federa(Hope I spelt that right)



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