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Pitch Black

Today is pitch black.
Yesterday was the same.
Silence is all I hear in my head and heart. The colors that be I see not.
In my moment of silence, self-identification and above all acceptance flash through.
The energy to act however eludes me.

But then, I woke up to the same routine, carrying the same plastic smile, going about my regular job and seeing the same faces.
I try to look beyond each face, I try to dissect and examine in my head. I want to know if it is just a plastic smile like mine. I discover a lot are like me. It however offers me no comfort.

Freedom to know me, to accept me, to be me.
Freedom to act without thinking of the people dependent on my actions.
Freedom to get up, move, laugh, scream…… the pillar of happiness.

How many every day live to please parents, feel accepted by spouses or to prove certain things to the world? How many carry those brief cases, back packs and books only because of the notion that it will feed and not please? How many can look in the mirror and can truly Identify the person in front of it? How many live the person within?

How many of us have in the race of life lost ourselves somewhere within? How many of us do not even know the person within talk more losing that man, how many of us struggle with the internal issues of self-acceptance…. How many really feel comfortable in their skin?

How many realize that at the point where it all goes pitch black is their opportunity to seize life and truly…. Truly live themselves…. The time to self accept.

Today is pitch black….
The process a thorough search of self
The end result a rainbow colored tomorrow…….

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