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Utopia and I

Behind me, traffic, potholes, poverty, anger. Above all, behind me the burdens of a soul!

Staring me in d face, nature in its intense beauty….. A point where blue meets brown, a beautiful blend of peace…… Utopia in my mind!

The cacophony of sounds, the dirt that litters the beautiful brown the frustration underneath those smiles! Relics of where I shall lay my head, a painful reminder that Utopia is what it is!

Then slowly, I remember the reason why I aint behind a desk but behind waters….. Why what cools me is nature’s breeze and not the overly efficient air conditioning system….. The reason why I write today.

Naija on my mind, change in my head, a future in my hands and a nagging feeling of frustration.

Somewhere within however lays that beat of hope! A refusal to accept the status quo! A drive to not just wail but be!

Now armored with a power to change my world…. A refined energy….. I head back to face it all. And then… Staring me in the face, News of Bomb Explosions which has claimed lives….

I heave and I sigh for Nigeria O……. But what I wont do is give up…..

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