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When I close my eyes to dream about my ideal future, One constant factor I see is “that place I shall call home, furnished with my helpmate and my ruggrats”!

Then I wonder did my mum see those things too, did she dream, did she have the cravings I have right now, did she try to imagine what I would look like, what my eyes would say the first time she looks into them, what I would grow up to be, what surrounding circumstances would make me into that person she saw…

Today, I am no longer that child with chubby cheeks, full hair and loads of energy, I am a woman who closes her eyes and yes I touch that place I call home… But when I wake what do I see, a thick cloud of darkness. The environment in its entirety spells decadence, I see them… I see the future on the street with rubbers on their heads, In the gutters playing mummy and daddy, in facilities not worth the educational crown, In public buses unsupervised, In market places acting all grown, looking tattered and hungry and then I ask Can I look in these eyes and see my own? Is this what my pride will grow to see? How do I preach a message of hope to a generation that is blind to hope.

And when I turn up my radio, I am told a majority of them fail WAEC, I’m not so sure that all those who passed actually did pass, I hear of their deaths from dieseases, The papers tell me about the ones abandoned at refuse dumps, They grow as thieves, they grow homeless, they grow up already grown, missing the essence and innocence of childhood…
They grow with the lack of that fire I had In my eyes….

Today the 27th of May 2010 we ought to think and reflect on the surrounding issues and ask… What May I Ogooluwakitan do to salvage the situation… Over and over I have heard people say the problem is way too much for just me to handle… Yes it is way too much… But then you do not need to be the fancy body of the car, or the engine. You could be the car horn, or the side mirror or even the foot mat… As far as you are a part of the vehicle of change, we shall move.

There is a child around you… Just look up… What do you see in those eyes? Can you see your own in there?

Photo Credit: Happy Africa Foundation

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