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Moving the Motionless Devil: My duty or Yours?

My wait every morning at my bus stop is usually characterised by the same events daily. The 479 bus packed full with people passes first. Then I am joined at the stop by this active young man on white all through and a pair of gray stockings his uncle walking closely behind him. A young girl joins later holding her torchlight because it always is so dark. Then comes the annoying white bus with green stripes speeding past without care or caution, throwing up dust and leaving us with angry faces. Finally my subject for today ‘the old jogging man’ always clad in his green jogging suit. He could be a coach. At least he looks like one!

This morning as I sat patiently,the corner of my eye caught him jogging towards me, as consistent as ever, however today as he approached me, my eyes which were focused on his face suddenly dropped down with his as I saw him go down….stagger….stagger….stagger….regain his composure and then moved on. He was so close to the ground my heart had stopped beating for a moment. As he moved on he looked back and there it was -the motionless devil- A chunk of slightly large brick.

At least he was alright I told myself as I stared at the brick. Something occured to me at that moment, yet as usual I ignored it. Finally my bus gets to the stop, I stood up from my seat and walked comfortably to my bus and then, I go down….stagger….stagger….stagger and regain my composure. I entered my bus sat down strapping myself to my seat and then pondered on the events that just happened. My big toe hurt badly, he had been wearing running shoes while poor me had my feet exposed.

Something occured to me again. This time I could do nothing about it. At the first instance I had thought to myself “move the motionless devil” but since i wasn’t the one affected, I just sat there watching till I became a victim. Note both victims were on the move, they were looking at where they were headed and not the stumbling block explains why they didn’t move it.

I dont know if the next victim was a watcher or not, however I am sure there was a watcher when I was a victim and I hope for the sake of so many more potential victims the watcher has nothing in common with me as a watcher.

This line from a previous note makes more sense now

“Nature has us structured in such a way that we are not bothered if the world around us is turned inside out or upside down as long as the ground on which we stand is stable, we are fine. If only we knew that when there is a crack on a neighbours side of the fence, both our walls would come crashing down.”

Our attitude to things as little as this is usually our attitude to greater things. Do not be a watcher like me do something! And don’t just do it because it could be you the next time but because it is a better recipe for a healthy life than a can of robb!

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