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Walled In….

This time around I was used to the noise from their room. I just stared hard into nothiness trying to shut it all out. I shared the room with my five siblings and although the room was as quiet as a grave yard , I knew they were all listening just like I was.

Then we heard a bang, She sobbed. My heart was torn into pieces. I felt like running out to protect her but I knew better. Her sobs turned into heavy breathing. I could picture her trying to be strong for herself… for us. He ordered her out of the house. By now the tears trickled down my eyes… Pappi my little brother was already crying out. My elder brother gave him a slap across the face to tell him to shut up. He did immediately more out of shock and fear.

Now all we could hear was Pappi’s sobs and doors opening and closing. Later silence…. I replay the events in my head… I dared not sleep…

That morn I was awoken to the smell of fried eggs and bacon. Maybe he was trying to prove he was a good man. I wasn’t buying it. I decided I wasn’t eating either. My elder brother was not in the room, Pappi was snuggled in-between my three little sisters. His face swollen from the slap and a deep sleep. I picked him up with my little yet firm arms. I had forgotten to wake him up to pee that night. He was wet as I expected. I walked towards the bath using him as an excuse to get out of the room not sure of what the world outside the four walls of our room held for me. I carried pappi through the passage into the living room. Just as I was about to enter the bathroom, I saw her in the kitchen making breakfast. She looked at me like nothing had happened. Her lips were dabbed with heavy coats of lip stick. They were larger than normal. She held my gaze saying tons of words. I understand her, take pappi to the bath and pray to God she remains strong. God answered that prayer, that night he did not return home. The quiet was deafening. Yet my eyes just stared…

Sleep eluded me within these walls.

7 Responses to “Walled In….”


    Ogooluwakitan, what a prolific writer you are. I found you via a new friend on facebook – Adenmosun Olumide. I am yet to meet him as he just added me. Is this a true story? A true reminiscence of yours? If your answer is yes then, I must confess, you are strong. I have never witnessed my parents beaten each other before. Not a perfect marriage but one I covet (to some extent). My prayer for you is that God gives you a home where fighting or this sort will be void. Perhaps God is teaching you something to package you well into the future. Your attitude and choice will define your own marriage too. I am now following your blog. Cheers- LDP


  2. ogokitan

    Well I must say I dont have an elder brother neither do I have a younger sister… So that up there is a creation of imagination. Thank you so much for the kind words though.


  3. Yemi

    To be honest and truly frank, I am not impressed with the fact a that you never leave anything unperfect. Must everything you write be so unique and out of this world? I guess the world is ready for unique and out of this world things, Keep up the good work dear.



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