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green WHITE green

I’ve held my tongue for a long time now… Trying to think positive and stay positive… But seriously is green WHITE and green a worthy combination? Is it worth my words or my tears?

I’ve watched earnestly as people have campaigned for the resignation of Umaru… And it is amazing that even at the height of his illness he has so tenaciously held on to power… Im not exactly sure if he is sick in the heart or in his head…

My very very dear chicken farmer who is equally sick (they all are anyway) addressed the issue and said he could not have picked an invalid to succeed him… An INVALID and Note the word PICKED… We all know that due process was not followed but Baba Iyabo must u be so dum as to smear it on our faces. He said he was aware that Umaru was under dialysis but since he was presented with proof to show he was ‘alright’ who was he to question that. Even before certain appointments are taken up, detailed medical checks are carried out. If that was carried out in the case of Umaru is not a question anymore. Knowing his condition shouldnt Umaru have said NO I cannot rule this country cos I simply am not FIT? But who can blame the former lecturer? Obasanjo has always had his way even if it means imposing his will on over 140 million Nigerians… Just like he did with Shagari who wanted nothing more than to be in the Senate he has equally used his power of Incumbency to drag Lecturer Umaru into the net and today he says he is not to be blamed for the woes of the country… Whether he is or not is a discussion for another day But I’m sure we all know where Shagari’s imposed administration led the country to. Umaru you are not fit please go home and count your cattle at least u have been governor for a long time apparently from your sick bed and two of your daughters are married to governors How much power can a man want?

Who then is fit to wear the crown? Goodluck Jonathan? I laugh in french if we are talking of the same man who after the shame that Alamaseigha brought to Nigeria took an entourage to give him a presidential welcome… Sisi Alamaseigha by the way being the fool that he is is trying to get the court to reinstate him as the governor of Bayelsa. Has he no Shame?… I think Goodluck has always just had the luck (good or bad) to be at the right place at the right time… He has maintained his calm all through the debate as if it doesnt have anyhting to do with him which means one of this two:
he is really matured and loyal to his Boss or
he has some skeletons in his cupboard probably he has signed a pact with his boss stating that since the Nigerian Presidential throne is an inheritance he shall not place his butt on it…. Even if he wanted to are we forgeting that Yara Snail has taken the crown with him to his hospital bed?

Jonathan Prove yourself oooo. Your plate is full now lets see u eat it all at least you are no longer under the shadows of anyone. While munching down ur unpalatable dish remember that for once it would be palatable to Nigerians if the terrorists in the north are made to eat the fruits of the seeds they sow… For years now there have been continous religious and ethnic crisis with no form of purnishment whatsoever to serve as a deterrent for erring individuals. To imagine that people are being slaughtered and no one has ever been convicted? Can you peolpe just let Justice do its job if there is anyword like that in the Nigerian dictionary. Must it take a 23 year old for us to know that we live with terrorists or that You people are the terrorists?

If only the past events of Ghana could be repeated in Nigeria…. However who is fit to run the country.. It is not so sure that the younger generation are any better than the fools ahead… The average child would naturally link a polilical office to money and not responsibility. People like me who are neither children nor grey haired stay behind our seats and make noise from afar waiting for the saviour to lead the way… And we say Weep not for Nigeria E go beta… Weep My people Weep… The only question here is what will our tears do… But then what has anything we have done changed? Is there still hope? Is green WHITE and green a worth my words?

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