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ADIEU….. My Young Girl

Although the circumstances surrounding ur demise from us isnt a happy one
Although even when it happened many of us castigated u including me
We thot how could u have been so stupid and naive
We forgot that not all of us have the same capacity to handle scary situations…. If we can handle them anyway…
Yet all thru the year Ive remembered you just like today…

We hardly thot that u must have been afraid..
U must have panicked
U didn’t want to be seen as the odd one out
U didnt want to be castigated yet in death it eventually happend.

For those who knew what was wrong and didnt say a word I believe it was fear
For those who could have done something and did not i bet they didnt know it would end that way… But it did
And on behalf of us all I say we are sorry.

I honestly wish the hands of time could be turned back
Maybe u could have confided in me or some other person
I wish I had noticed during the xmas break
Maybe I should have been there more or probed more…

But all these are wishes cos it is one year now.

Above all the sad memories, I vividly rem my quiet roommate n baby
U were reserved outside but trouble in the room esp to me
Often kept to yourself at times and u honestly were humble.. very humble
You had a few ppl you called friends and they were dear to you
Of course u were die hard stubborn too.. U always did what u wanted without excuse and I admire that fire.

I would lie if I say we have not moved on without you
as a matter of fact it only took days b4 someone was in ur bed n occupied ur locker… That sadened me.. But what was to be done?
I still have ur contact on my phone
There is really no point deleting it and sometimes I try it knowing it would not go thru… But We all have moved on taking time to rem u from time to time.

Today you are to me more than a lesson… more than a memory… U are one part of my life that I will always remember and cherish.

Adieu My Young Girl….

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