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Remember the days that the “lucky good ones” were chosen to march at the stadium on the 1st day of our month? Those of us that never went would sit in front of the T.V and wait eagerly for our uniform to parade in front of the figure that represented our state…. They would march with such seriousness and salute the figure that seemed like a mini God… I used to wish I got that opportunity to march… But it really doesn’t matter now…

Here we are again. I’m sure schools all over Nigeria would have selected the “chosen ones” for the “special day” again… And they would feel so lucky…. But are they??? Are We???

Again Nigeria is here…. Independent, but heavily dependent…. Those that marched then and those of us that watched are grown. Many have become the leaders we heard our parents wail about and things are not so different.

What then is the hope for the young marchers n watchers of today??? Would they end up like all other generations??

My answer is No and that stems from the fact that Nigeria has the likes of You and I who still believe that change would come though gradually… If we do not do it for ourselves, let us do it for the sakes of the children we would birth… My grand parents sang the song, my parents sang the song, and I’m singing the song. I want my children to sing a different song. What about you?

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